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W hether you’re single, married, or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is the best time to party with those you love about love. Here are 10 of the best drinking games you can play today whether you happen to celebrating with your single status with other single friends or celebrating years of happiness with your significant other.

Please remember to drink responsibly and never, ever drive after drinking.

1. Candy Heart Flip Cup

GettySweetheart candy hearts

Items: Solo cups, candy hearts

This holiday-themed game is very similar to regular flip cup. The main difference is after chugging and flipping the cup, each person has to stack six candy hearts up straight before the next person can start chugging their drink. It’s a fun way to incorporate the classic Valentine’s candy without slowing down the celebration.

2. The Skating Game

GettySmirnoff Ice Ladies With Game Tailgate

Items: Longboard, rope, bucket, candy Smirnoff Ice

This one is best attempted with lots of people and space outdoors. A player lays down on a longboard with a container. From there, two lines of people face each other. Everyone in the line is holding candy. Someone pulls the player on the skateboard between the two lines, and everyone throws candy at the player. The player tries to catch as much candy in their container as possible before they are done being pulled down the line. Repeat for the next player. As for the Smirnoff Ice, the player The player who collects the least candy will have to chug it.

3. Drinking Heads Up!

Items: Solo cups, Access to the Heads Up! phone app

Heads Up! is an app that can be purchased on both iOS and Android. To make it a drinking game, simply add taking a drink when somebody gets it wrong. If you have more than three people, teams can be formed. The more people the better.

In order to make it a Valentine’s Day game, you can purchase the “Build Your Own” deck option and build a deck with references to February 14th, including cupid, sweet hearts, and love.

4. Name That Love Song

Items: Pen and paper, an iPod or iPhone

This game has to do with how well you know famous love songs. You and a group of people will write down lyrics from love songs and write them on sheets of paper. Give each guest a song and they have to read the lyrics so that the other players can guess it. If you don’t guess correctly before they’re done reading the lyrics you have to take a drink.

5. Never Have I Ever

Items: None

This drinking game involves a large number of people. Everyone is to sit around with a drink in a circle. The person who starts off the game says “Never have I ever…” and finishes the statement with something true about themselves like “Never have I ever dated two people at the same time.” For the people that the statement is true for, they do not have to drink. Those who the statement is false for must take a drink. Continue around the circle.

6. The Rom-Com Drinking Game

Items: DVD/Blu-ray player, Netflix

This game is for Valentine’s Day participants who enjoy romantic comedies. The aim is put any random rom-com you can find on the TV and take a drink every time you see a character do one of these actions:

  • Whenever the female lead’s sassy best friend is sassy
  • Whenever the male lead’s best friend gives him advice
  • Whenever the male lead remembers a romantic detail about the female lead
  • Whenever either the female or male says that they don’t like the other anymore
  • Whenever a character mentions a dream job in a big city

You can add any additional rules or rom-com tropes as you see fit.

7. Strip/Drink Poker

GettyGaming chips

Items: poker set

While the rules for strip poker are pretty self-explanatory, this couple’s competition could easily be played with several others as the stripping could be swapped out for drinking instead.

8. Heart-Shaped Beer Pong

Items: Ping pong balls, solo cups

As one can guess from the title, this is simply a variation on the classic beer pong but with the cups arranged to resemble a Valentine’s Day heart rather than the standard triangle formation. Nothing groundbreaking here, but a fun excuse to sneak a classic drinking game into the mix.

9. Valentine’s Day Party Drinking Game

GettyValentine’s Day cake

Items: None

This one requires a bit of pre-planning. Get together with some of your friends before you go to a Valentine’s Day party and agree to drink if you see a specific action or Valentine’s Day cliché being played out. For example, take a drink whenever you see a couple kiss, or whenever a couple gets into a fight. Add rules as you see necessary.

10. ‘Valentine’s Day’ Movie Drinking Challenge

Items: Access to the 2010 rom-com Valentine’s Day

This one is a slight variation on the rom-rom drinking game listed above, as it focuses on one specific movie: 2010’s Valentine’s Day. This movie comes packed with so many recurring plot points and that it won’t take long for you and your friends to be feeling the February 14th buzz. Be sure to take a drink every time:

  • Whenever someone says “Valentine’s Day” or “Love”
  • Whenever you see a cast member from The Princess Diaries
  • Whenever you see Taylor Swift or hear her on the soundtrack
  • Whenever there are flowers in the background of a scene
  • Whenever a character offers advice about love

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