Titans: Why Hawk And Dove Must Discover [SPOILER]


Warning: the next accommodates spoilers for Titans episode 9, ‘Hank and Daybreak’.

‘Hank and Daybreak’ – the newest episode of Titans – ended with the revelation that the vigilantes Hawk and Dove should discover the second Robin, Jason Todd, although the exact the explanation why are murky at greatest. This shocking twist was the complicated capstone to an episode that many felt paradoxically managed to be one of many strongest of the collection up to now, whereas nonetheless seemingly having nothing to do with the general collection’ narrative.

Preventing crime underneath the names Hawk and Dove, Hank Corridor and Daybreak Granger had been launched within the second episode of Titans, ‘Hawk and Dove’. Previous pals of Dick Grayson from his days as Batman’s accomplice, the previous Robin sought them out when he wanted a protected place to cover runaway teen Rachel Roth whereas he investigated her mom’s homicide. The three heroes had been ambushed by an odd household of assassins, leading to a battle that ended with Dove in a coma and Rachel kidnapped. That is the place the collection left Hawk and Dove for quite a lot of episodes till the narrative picks up with ‘Hank and Daybreak’. This confused many, because the earlier episode, ‘Donna Troy’ ended with a cliffhanger that goes (seemingly) unaddressed by “Hank and Daybreak.”

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Most of “Hank and Daybreak” is dedicated to twin flashbacks, apparently being dreamed by the doped-up Hank Corridor and the comatose Daybreak Granger. Hank remembers his youth and the way he and his youthful brother, Don, grew to become vigilantes who focused pedophiles. Daybreak desires of how she met Hank and was drawn into his world. Each desires are intercut with random photos of Rachel Roth in reflective surfaces, crying out to each heroes asking for assist. The episode ends with Daybreak waking from her coma and telling Hank that Rachel wants assist and that they should discover Jason Todd.

Apparently this ties into the cliffhanger from ‘Donna Troy’ which ended with Rachel being strangled by Kory Anders as Dick Grayson and Donna Troy rushed to the farm the place Rachel and Kory had been hiding, having found that the amnesiac Kory could have been recruited to kill Rachel earlier than she misplaced her reminiscence. Actually Rachel is in peril, however it’s unclear how her psychically reaching out to Hank and Daybreak may save her, on condition that she was in Killdeer, Ohio and so they had been in Washington D.C. It’s much more unsure what Jason Todd, the brand new Robin, may probably do to assist Rachel, as he operates out of Gotham Metropolis and Hank and Daybreak have by no means met him earlier than.

Wanting again to the traditional New Teen Titans comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez provides one attainable rationalization. Within the comics the place Rachel Roth’s character was first launched because the magical heroine Raven, she fashioned a brand new Teen Titans group by showing to the individuals she wanted to recruit of their desires and telling them what they wanted to do to avert a future disaster. This explains Rachel’s presence within the dream flashbacks however does not clarify exactly why she contacted Hank and Daybreak and why she wants Jason Todd.

One chance to contemplate is that we do not know for sure that the scene by which Daybreak wakes within the hospital is happening on the similar time that Rachel is being attacked by Kory. Provided that Rachel’s powers within the comics embrace precognition and a soul self that may act independently of her, it’s completely attainable that Rachel’s different self noticed what was coming and pre-emptively acted to ensure she’d have individuals prepared to avoid wasting Rachel on the exact second they had been wanted. This appears probably on condition that Rachel remains to be studying exactly what she will do together with her magical powers and he or she’d by no means proven any signal of having the ability to talk telepathically throughout a number of hundred miles prior to now. Hopefully the following episode of Titans will provide an enough rationalization past bringing collectively all eight heroes the collection has launched to this point for one last season-ending battle.

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