Supergirl's Elseworlds Ending Tease Defined: 1990s Flash vs The Monitor


The most recent episode of Supergirl, “Bunker Hill,” ended with a dramatic teaser establishing the “Elseworlds” occasion that includes the 1990s Flash and the Monitor. That is in all probability probably the most thrilling Arrowverse crossover to this point, bringing collectively the heroes of varied completely different realities and serving as a back-door pilot for the Batwoman TV sequence. It guarantees to redefine the Arrowverse’s understanding of their multiverse, with this primary clip already revealing the existence of Earth-90.

Jeremy Davies has been confirmed as the primary villain of “Elseworlds,” a personality named Dr. John Deegan. He is been described as a physician at Arkham Asylum who’s each bit as insane as his sufferers, however it’s as but unclear how Deegan will come to set off a Multiversal disaster. One fashionable principle suggests Deegan is an alias for Batman villain Dr. Hugo Unusual, whereas one other posits that he is actually the telepathic villain Dr. Future. Regardless of the fact could also be, DCTV is evidently conserving Deegan beneath wraps proper now; he does not function on this first teaser, which as a substitute focuses on establishing the sheer scale of the “Elseworlds” occasion.

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The Supergirl stinger scene is about on Earth-90, house of the Flash from the 1990 TV sequence. It reveals a number of fallen superheroes who presumably allied with the Flash in opposition to a horrible menace; attentive viewers will acknowledge variations of Inexperienced Arrow, Firestorm, The Ray, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and even Stargirl. Sadly, they’ve all fallen in battle – certainly, a few of the deaths look notably brutal. John Wesley Shipp’s Flash appears to be the final surviving hero, and he confronts the cosmic being often known as the Monitor.

The Flash’s pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears, because the Monitor insists that the heroes – maybe all the world – “did this to yourselves.” The Monitor opens a mysterious e-book, unleashing cosmic energies, however the Flash races away – presumably leaping out of his world, and on to a different. It appears this temporary clip has revealed the destruction of Earth-90 – and it is secure to imagine the heroes of SupergirlArrow, and The Flash will wind up uniting with Shipp’s incarnation in an effort to cease the devastation being repeated.

This teaser raises numerous questions. Even the designation of this doomed world as Earth-90 is a stunning one; the Arrowverse has beforehand established that there are solely 52 Earths in its Multiverse, with the addition of Earth-X. It appears as if the whole lot the exhibits have established because the Multiverse could be mistaken. In the meantime, the glimpse of the Monitor as an obvious villain is considerably stunning; he is usually portrayed as an ally to the heroes. It is potential this stinger is deceptive, and that that is the Monitor’s evil and damaging counterpart, the Anti-Monitor. Within the traditional “Disaster on Infinite Earths” occasion, it was revealed that the Anti-Monitor was destroying total universes, consuming them as gasoline to extend his energy; maybe one thing related is going on right here. However what’s the e-book held by the Monitor/Anti-Monitor? At this stage it is tough to say, however it’s potential it might be the E book of Future. Strongly related to the Sandman comics, this e-book accommodates the written file of the whole lot that’s and ever shall be. If that is certainly the case, it might be probably the most highly effective artifact the Arrowverse heroes have ever encountered.

This 12 months’s Arrowverse crossover stays one thing of a thriller. It is identified to contain a body-swap for Flash and Inexperienced Arrow, one which sees them head to Supergirl’s actuality for assist (for undisclosed causes). Precisely how this ties into the destruction of Earth-90 is unknown, suggesting there shall be a variety of surprising plot twists over the course of the occasion.

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Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” occasion begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8pm ET, and continues with Arrow on Monday at 8pm ET and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday at 8pm ET.

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