Star Trek: 20 Characters Voyager Needs Us To Overlook


Every Star Trek collection brings forth multitudes of characters, each human and alien. Some roles are major ones, showing in every episode or at the least most of them, whereas different roles are recurring, typically collaborating in a narrative arc or in episodes which have comparable storylines. And naturally, there are those that change into the central focus of a single episode. Star Trek: Voyager’s major storyline concerned traversing the Delta Quadrant to get again residence to Earth. That quadrant was largely unexplored within the Star Trek universe, in order that gave the creators and writers alternatives and free rein to conceive new alien species.

This was a blessing and a curse on the identical time. A blessing as a result of the prospect to actually be inventive might present followers and viewers with among the greatest content material. And why was it a curse? As a result of there was additionally the probability that no matter character was offered, it might make individuals cower, and finally, it might be higher to easily neglect them. Many of the characters on this checklist are recurring or visitor roles. A couple of of the characters that discovered themselves on this checklist performed bigger elements on Voyager, with very important inclusion in that episode or story arc’s plotline. However, regardless of how entangled a personality was in that plot or episode, their addition didn’t essentially imply that they had been popular with critics or the Star Trek neighborhood. Whether or not the characters boosted the lore of Star Trek is subjective, however these roles included right here had a consensus that they need to be forgotten. With that being mentioned, listed here are 20 Characters Voyager Needs Us To Overlook.

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20 Neelix

One problem Voyager confronted when flung into the Delta Quadrant was vitality consumption. They couldn’t proceed the identical utilization, since provides consistently ran low. Once they introduced Neelix on board, the meals replicator difficulty was fastened… considerably. Neelix occurred to be an completed cook dinner, in a position to make use of nearly any ingredient to make something he felt like making. And therein lies probably the most annoying factor about Neelix: he was so consumed with making meals and determining the crew’s subsequent meal.

It doesn’t matter what transpired on the ship, Neelix’s major concern was meals. The best way he obsessed over Kes, whined to Captain Janeway in regards to the smallest particulars, and located a myriad of how to vex the opposite crew members made Neelix the sort of character you both preferred or disliked. However total, the present would have been advantageous with out him.

19 Hogan (Ex-Maquis)

The primary ex-Maquis on the checklist is Hogan. When he transitioned to a Voyager crew member, he turned an engineer, since that was his specialty underneath the command of Chakotay on the Val Jean. Many of the Maquis members remained good mates, particularly Hogan to Michael Jonas, who wasn’t an upstanding crew member himself. Nevertheless, Hogan tried to speak others into double-crossing Janeway and the VoyagerHe needed to offer expertise to the Kazon for secure passage and needed Torres to contact Seska (who was additionally a part of the Maquis prior).

When Jonas double-crossed the ship, and Hogan was assigned to comb by means of the logs (episode “Investigations”), Hogan’s conduct practically implicated him. Not all Maquis members underneath Chakotay wanted a task on the Voyager, and it might have been higher for a lot of members to be talked about in passing.

18 Culluh

It didn’t assist Culluh that his alien species wasn’t well-liked with Star Trek followers. The Kazon race had been generally in comparison with Klingons, with Kazons being warlike and able to struggle at any time. Many Kazon members had been scavengers, marauders looking for out abandoned ships, or discovering methods to empty them.

Culluh was a Kazon chief of the Nistrim Sect whose major aim when assembly the Voyager was to get its tech. Probably because of his Sect’s fall from energy, Culluh tried too exhausting to do what was vital to acquire expertise from the ship. Additionally, there was no depth to Culluh; he was a imply chief who needed one thing he did not have. He was jealous of Starfleet’s ship and it wasn’t clear if he needed it for his individuals or simply for himself. Whereas Star Trek writers had been good at creating short-lived characters, they did not do an excellent job with Culluh.

17 Q Junior

Q is a fan-favorite character that has precipitated turmoil to a lot of Star Treks TV display screen captains. John de Lancie performed Q with charismatic indifference, which is the other of how his son, Keegan de Lancie, performed Q Junior in Voyager.

With a slight obsession with Janeway once they first met, Q grew to respect the Captain, even hoping she’d be mentor to his son when he began to get uncontrolled. Besides Q Junior is mainly an annoying, entitled character. It’s as if the writers felt like they needed extra Q roles and didn’t know tips on how to carry a couple of new story. So, they created a cliched, angst-filled son, whom Q didn’t know tips on how to deal with.

16 Kes

Kes (Jennifer Lien) was an Ocampan feminine that got here on board on the identical time Neelix did. Her individuals solely dwell about 9 to 10 years and he or she took to the Voyager life rapidly, together with her delight being the airponics lab.

The character didn’t have excellent storylines, together with her major one being the item of Neelix’s lurking tendencies. The couple didn’t have the strongest chemistry, and actually, she might have completed higher. Kes is eager on discovering and creating her psionic powers, which she believes her ancestors had and used with expertness. So, why must you neglect Kes? As a result of her nice potential as a personality was weakened with trite plots. Later, when Jennifer Lien was written out of the present and changed with Jeri Ryan as Seven of 9, even Kes’ departure episodes, “The Reward” and “Fury,” felt bizarre.

15 Chell

Additionally an ex-Maquis who served underneath Chakotay on the Val Jean, Chell was a Bolian who had an perspective drawback in the direction of the Voyager the primary yr he was on the ship. He was thought-about a recurring character, and his defining episode was “Studying Curve,” the place he and two different ex-Maquis fighters with self-discipline points had been being educated by Tuvok. All three had been imply to Tuvok, however they finally got here round, and in later episodes, did some good.

Chell was an fascinating character that didn’t get the display screen time he deserved. With a little bit extra backstory, the writers might have made Chell rather more fascinating than the everyday Maquis crew member with a foul perspective in the direction of his new authority. Although Chell had a chance to be extra memorable, it wasn’t taken.

14 Seska (Ex-Maquis)

As a Cardassian, Seska in all probability felt extra at residence with the Kazon after she was thrown to the Delta Quadrant with the remainder of her Maquis brethren. Her earlier romantic relationship with Chakotay proved invaluable when she helped the Kazon seize the Voyager. Invaluable, but in addition handy.

Like lots of the minor or recurring characters in Star Trek: Voyager, Seska wanted extra time to develop. The character was helpful for a few quick story arcs, however after the final one, she was tossed away. Nevertheless, her reminiscence lived on in later episodes when a holodeck program she modified was programed to remove Tuvok. It’s not odd to assume that Seska was used as a personality of comfort, slightly than somebody who had the depth that followers might develop to like.

13 Braxton

Captain Braxton, performed by Allan G. Royal, and later Bruce McGill, was a Starfleet officer hailing from the 29th Century. He got here again in time to remove the Voyager as a result of it, together with its crew, had been answerable for the whole collapse of the Sol system throughout his time sooner or later.

As with many time-travel tales (motion pictures or TV), and Star Trek time-travel plots, the one who comes from the longer term has a vendetta, and most characters are portrayed with calm demeanors, which makes them much more harmful. Braxton was past listening to purpose or different options. He remained centered on his mission and he would do something to perform that aim. Due to that, Braxton created a complete mess of different issues, even for a generic time-travel dangerous man.

12 Axum

Any episode the place Seven of 9 might discover the humanity she as soon as had was a good suggestion, because it was a standard theme in Star Trek. Designated 5 of Twelve, Axum was a part of a gaggle of Borg Drones that managed to infiltrate Unimatrix Zero. They entered a dream-state whereas regenerating and will really be individualistic. Nevertheless, the one factor that made Axum fascinating was his romantic relationship with Annika Hansen (Seven of 9) within the Unimatrix.

Diving into the Lore of the Borg, like greater than a few collection and flicks have completed, might be one thing most followers and viewers needed; not an episode with one boring man/drone attempting to rekindle his love for Annika.

11 Pendari Male

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bought one among his first on-screen roles (apart from wrestling) on Star Trek: Voyager. He performed a Pendari male who excelled at a gladiator-type fight recreation known as Tsunkatse. In case you didn’t know The Rock was in Voyager, do you see the place the position goes?

The draw, in fact, was bringing in some WWE fanfare (since Voyager and WWE had been on UPN on the identical time). The Rock was rapidly gaining reputation, so why not throw him into an episode? Nevertheless, the episode “Tsunkatse” was a weak one, with characters simply forgettable. Sure, that features The Rock’s Pendari fighter character. And should you questioned if The Rock was going to do his signature eyebrow-raising transfer, he did… The casting division of Star Trek would in all probability like a redo.

10 Michael Jonas (Ex-Maquis)

Ex-Maquis members have made this checklist greater than as soon as as a result of lots of the characters appeared like fill-ins, one thing to maneuver plots alongside. Since Maquis had been vital to the primary episode and had been the primary purpose everybody was tossed to the Delta Quadrant, they need to have had extra growth.

Michael Jonas was rebellious at each alternative towards Janeway’s guidelines. He needed no a part of Starfleet and he would have been content material with staying a Maquis member on the VoyagerJonas double-crossed the Voyager, giving the ship’s plans and different data to the Kazon. No fan needs to see their beloved Captain swindled or taken benefit of, and that’s precisely what Jonas did. His deception put the crew in grave hazard.

9 Henry Starling

Henry Starling, within the Star Trek universe, helped foster within the laptop age within the final a part of the 20th century. Besides, he didn’t have a whole understanding of expertise; as an alternative, he developed laptop expertise from the longer term ship, Aeon, and he based the company Chronowerx Industries.

Possibly it was Ed Begley Jr.’s campy performing as Starling. Or possibly, it was the boring addition of one other alternate timeline. Regardless of the purpose, Henry Starling had an element in Star Trek that didn’t advance any storylines. Starling was an odd mixture of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Invoice Gates. The character was alleged to be worrisome, however wasn’t. He was in all probability one of many few villains in Star Trek that couldn’t be taken severely.

8 Noss

The blame for why Noss is a personality Voyager needs you to neglect is totally on the actress who performed her, Lori Petty. Petty is of course an honest actress, however for the position of Noss, she performed the character haphazardly, with hardly any emotion outdoors of her interactions with Tuvok.

For the writers, it appeared straightforward to have Noss fall in love with Tuvok since they had been spending shut time collectively, however that storyline was too apparent and compelled. And when Noss bought upset with Tuvok for not reciprocating these emotions, Noss turned detached, not even understanding that Tuvok was a Vulcan. Sure, the writers had a hand in making Noss one to neglect, however Lori Petty helped.

7 Kurros

Jason Alexander is greatest recognized for his position as George Costanza on Seinfeld. Though he had at all times needed to play a task on Star Trek, he would solely be provided human roles. So, when he bought the prospect to play Kurros, it was his dream.

Although Alexander was excited to take the position of Kurros in “Assume Tank,” the character didn’t have the identical charisma as different aliens in Star Trek. It might have been that Alexander had few filming days for the character, as he filmed for 5 whole days with make-up that originally took 150 minutes. Kurros’ colleagues on his ship had been extra enigmatic, so both one might have been the primary character of that episode as an alternative of 1 being performed by a well known comic.

6 Lon Suder (Ex-Maquis)

A personality like Lon Suder is both good for Star Trek or not. If he had been on Deep House 9, and even the later episodes of The Subsequent Technology, Suder would have match. However on Voyager, the place many of the crew had been Starfleet, Lon doesn’t belong. And it’s not all his fault. He didn’t ask to be caught within the Delta Quadrant and be compelled to transition to a place on the Voyager’s crew.

It’s Suder’s conduct, although, for why the present needs us to neglect him. The Maquis weren’t actually explored in Star Trek, however we all know they did some violent issues. Suder himself was a violent man only for the sake of being violent. And though he was a continuing menace to the Voyager crew, possibly he ought to have been a personality that was not noted of the equation.

5 Azan, Rebi, & Mezoti

These three Borg drone youngsters, Azan, Rebi, and Mezoti, depend as one, since they got here aboard the Voyager on the identical time. Together with Icheb, the opposite three had been assimilated as youngsters, however for no matter purpose, by no means matured into drones.

Their personalities had been missing. Of the 4 youngsters, Icheb developed right into a humorous, clever, and compassionate character, however the different three form of remained static. They complained typically and had been detached to something associated to the Voyager. Not even being underneath the tutelage of Seven of 9 might break them out of their shell. Granted, it took Seven of 9 years to change into comfy together with her humanity once more, however given the period of time the writers gave Azan, Rebi, and Mezoti, they should not have been on the present in any respect.

4 Reginald Barclay (Solely In Voyager)

This entry solely pertains to Reginald Barclay in Voyager. On The Subsequent Technology, his social awkwardness was endearing and his genius-level problem-solving abilities received the Enterprise crew over.

However on Voyager, one thing was lacking. What Barclay had on TNG disappeared when he was introduced on. He nonetheless had the mind, however continued the odd social conduct that was misplaced along with his new place with Starfleet. His abilities improved and grew, however Barclay’s emotional aspect didn’t. Voyager, as if getting the outdated gang again collectively, introduced Deanna Troi on to counsel Barclay like they had been on the Enterprise. Barclay’s storyline might have been performed by nearly every other character, not simply somebody from a earlier Enterprise. A brand new character might need even been extra fascinating.

3 Vorik

Ah, Vulcans. The impassive and logical beings that appear to all be the identical. However, in any Star Trek collection or motion pictures, any Vulcans you meet are vastly totally different, every with their very own traits which you could bear in mind.

Nevertheless, not Vorik from Voyager. This cookie-cutter character had nothing actually going for him. Similar to different Vulcans, he was sensible, not vulnerable to bursts of emotion, and very logical. Vorik labored for B’Elanna Torres in engineering and was devoted to his job, should you can decide a Vulcan as devoted. The writers tried to introduce some rigidity by giving him a crush on B’Elanna, however aside from that, he was no totally different from every other Vulcan, with no distinctive traits to make him memorable.

2 Ayala

Ayala was one other Maquis character relegated to the background. One distinctive little bit of details about this character was that he was nearly in each episode in some capability. Additionally, he’s the one minor character to look within the pilot and collection finale episodes.

As a part of the Voyager crew, Ayala turns into a safety officer with a provisional rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He’s had duties on the bridge, typically changing Harry Kim and Tuvok once they left their put up. He had a couple of talking elements, however was a minor focus in solely a handful of episodes resembling “Twisted,” “Shattered,” and “Repression.” At that time, regardless of being solely seen in Voyager more often than not, Ayala might need performed higher as a serious character.

1 Chakotay

Although Chakotay was a major character, he’s one which Voyager ought to need us to neglect. The most important purpose is that he conformed to Janeway and the ship with none questions or points  nearly instantly after arriving on board.

He had some fascinating storylines, and it was enjoyable to see him work together with the opposite crew members, particularly Janeway. However as charismatic as he was, Chakotay’s previous was thrown out the window… aside from when it turned handy to have an episode that handled the Maquis background. Within the first season, from Maquis to Starfleet, he modified extraordinarily quick. And though he had a Starfleet historical past earlier than, there have been higher methods to deal with this character total.

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