Pastor freed from Turkey to meet with Trump in the Oval Office


The American pastor who has been freed from Turkey after two years in detention is expected meet with President Trump in the Oval Office on Saturday.

Pastor Andrew Brunson, 50, is scheduled to land at Joint Base Andrews near Washington at noon on Saturday, following a stopover in Germany for a medical check-up.

“He suffered greatly, but we’re very appreciative to a lot of people,” President Trump told reporters before his rally in Ohio Friday evening.

“I hear he’s in good shape.”

The North Carolina pastor, who lived in in Turkey for over 22 years, was detained in Oct. 2016 for what the Trump administration said were bogus terror and espionage charges.

Brunson was imprisoned for two years and then placed on house arrest for health reasons. He finally ordered freed on Friday and sentenced to time served.

Though the Trump administration demanded in July that President Recep Erdoğan release Brunson, vowing to sanction Turkey if they didn’t, Trump said on Friday that “there was no deal made” to free the pastor.

“He went through a system and we got him out. They’ve been trying to get him out for a long time,” Trump said.

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