New Ravnica Allegiance Card Leaked on MTG Subreddit


Ravnica Allegiance Deputy of Detention MTG

Kicking off 2019 a brand new card from Magic: The Gathering’s subsequent set – Ravnica Allegiance – has been leaked. Posted on the MTG Subreddit earlier as we speak by person ahipikr, the brand new card is tied to Azorious Guild and is a brand new spin on an previous favourite. Beneath is a clearer model of the cardboard posted on Twitter:

Referred to as “Deputy of Detention,” this card prices one colorless, blue, and a white for a Uncommon 1/three Vedalken Wizard. Its capacity reads: “When Deputy of Detention enters the battlefield, exile goal nonland everlasting an opponent controls and all different nonland permanents that participant controls with the identical identify as that everlasting till Deputy of Detention leaves the battlefield.” For seasoned gamers, Deputy of Detention must be very acquainted because it’s a creature model of the enchantment Detention Sphere which launched again in 2012.

It is a pretty highly effective capacity to placed on a creature, because it permits gamers to simply take away threats from the board. Nonetheless, since Deputy of Detention is a creature, gamers have a bit extra flexibility with this card. We suspect that it will make fairly an influence in Commonplace, Restricted, and even Commander. Since it might successfully take away any nonland everlasting from the sphere, it permits customers to rapidly acquire management of the board and apply stress in opposition to their opponents.

With Ravnica Allegiance set to launch on the finish of the month, we suspect that your entire set might be revealed within the subsequent couple of weeks. If this card is any indication the place the set goes, Ravnica Allegiance goes to be fairly impactful for many codecs.

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