Memo to Mitch McConnell: Come January, Verify ALL the Judges


I don’t know Mitch McConnell, however my guess is that he enjoys being the Senate majority chief. I’d additionally guess that if he had his druthers, he would moderately see the Republican Get together survive as a powerful and aggressive get together, moderately than see it turn out to be impotent and irrelevant.

Effectively Mitch, if you want to perform these objectives here’s a phrase of recommendation: Verify all of President Donald Trump’s 60+ judicial nominees as quickly as you’ll be able to in January. Do it quick — actual quick — and urge the president to appoint candidates for the opposite 70+ vacancies simply as rapidly, so that each one judicial vacancies are crammed by the top of 2019.

Though that is onerous work, and though such a quick schedule will upset the Democrats, you are able to do it since you management the Senate’s schedule, and beginning in January you received’t have Jeff Flake and a few others standing in your manner.

And for those who don’t do it, you’ll be able to kiss the bulk management goodbye. Right here’s why:

The Kavanaugh hearings, the Broward county vote mess, and the “loss” of over a dozen Republican Home Seats that gave the impression to be received on election eve, solely to be surrendered to the Democrats via their use of “provisional” ballots, “imaginary” ballots, “harvested” ballots and “deceased voter” ballots all show one factor: Democrat-progressives will do something, and I imply something, to get energy.

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They don’t seem to be afraid of prosecution. The Republican institution has confirmed that it doesn’t have the braveness and conviction to prosecute them for voter fraud, uranium offers, unlawful FISA warrants, FBI leaks, unlawful immigrants voting like residents, and a complete host of improper conduct. So what’s to cease the Democrats? Self restraint and respect for the legislation? Don’t make me snigger.

You’ll be able to wager that come 2020, when the Republicans might be defending over 20 Senate seats, the Democrats will pull out all of the stops to fabricate wins in loads of these races. Heaven is aware of what number of ballots the Democrats will miraculously “discover” the day after the polls shut in somebody’s automobile trunk, or in a kitchen oven, or in a health club locker.

Will the Republicans discover as many? Unlikely. The Republicans carry knives to a knife struggle. They wish to present they’re honest they usually observe the principles.

Democrats, alternatively, carry missile launchers and machine weapons to a knife struggle, safe within the information that any Republicans alive after the struggle will merely write a letter to the editor complaining about “unfairness,” the identical manner slaughtered villagers complained concerning the unfairness of Genghis Khan’s rampages.

Can we cease the Democrats from unleashing their Tommy Weapons on election eve and the times after? Certain. There are nonetheless some prosecutors, district attorneys and election officers who can carry expenses and instances in opposition to election cheaters — however guess what? All of those instances find yourself in entrance of judges.

Plenty of them can find yourself earlier than federal judges, and opposite to the fantasy world that Justice Roberts lives in, in the true world of politics everyone knows that liberal judges not often, if ever, rule in opposition to liberal candidates or causes.

Quaint Republican-appointed judges, alternatively, will play all varieties of phrase video games to carry {that a} high-quality is known as a tax, as Justice Roberts did to uphold Obamacare – – or {that a} automobile trunk is known as a poll field, if that’s what it takes, to show to liberals that we’re “honest” and we is not going to “sink to their stage.”

Phooey. If an excellent sinking is what it takes to protect Western Civilization — and the Rule of Legislation — then I say “Open the floodgates.” Let the water rise. Let’s all sink to the purpose the place the Structure is preserved and legal guidelines are literally enforced.

So my message to Mitch McConnell is that this: Crack the bullwhip and crack open some skulls if it’s a must to, however get all of our judges in, come January. Get them in earlier than it’s too late. Get them in when you nonetheless have the ability. And get them in if you wish to see our two get together system survive. And hell, overlook about highfalutin rules and Western Civilization, get them in if you wish to maintain your job as Majority Chief.

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In any other case, you’re a goner.

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