Liberal Magazine Tricks Users with Kanye West Fake News To Get Them To Register To Vote


Elle Magazine appeared to make an attempt to trick its followers into registering to vote by using click bait.

The magazine’s verified Twitter account released a tweet on Thursday, saying, “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are splitting up,” with a picture of the pair, along with some emojis and a link.

The now-deleted tweet’s link, however, took viewers to a page for voter registration, powered by Rock The Vote.

The page said nothing about the rapper and reality star’s supposed marital problems, only an encouragement by the magazine, to its readers — and especially women — to vote.

tweet of Elle Magazine's since-deleted click bait tweet, enticing readers to register to vote

tweet of Elle Magazine’s since-deleted click bait tweet, enticing readers to register to vote ( Twitter / screen shot)

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“So far in the primaries, women have beat (sic) long-time incumbents and created historic races, all while redefining what it looks like to be a woman in politics,” read the page.

“And now you have the opportunity to vote for them, or whomever you choose, in the midterm elections. No matter your party or your state, it’s more essential than ever to make your voice heard. Take a few minutes to complete the form below, and be sure to cast your vote on Nov. 6,” Elle added.

The tweet received mixed reviews, with many in the media not appreciative of the message it sent.

HuffPost reporter Ariel Edwards-Levy had harsh words for the publication, saying that it “implies that Elle readers aren’t interested in voting unless they’re being tricked into it with fake celeb breakup news” which she called “super insulting to the Elle readers.”

Do you think that Elle was in the wrong?

Best selling author Nancy French pointed out that Elle was messing with real people’s lives, telling Elle to “do better,” while Fox News’ Brooke Singman called the stunt “ridiculous.”

Elle eventually did apologize for the tweet and deleted it, calling it a “bad joke” in their follow-up tweet.

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“Our passion for voter registration clouded our judgment and we are sincerely sorry,” the magazine tweeted.

Some liberals, however, had no problem with Elle’s deceptive tactics. CNN’s Chris Cillizza called Elle’s tactic “brilliant,” while GQ dedicated an entire article to the subject of why “Register to Vote Clickbait Is Good.”

As for West, he didn’t seem to care for the joke, told at his expense.

The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson tweeted his response, saying that he wanted to go on record “as hating this.”

“If someone has to trick you with celebrity clickbait to get you to register to vote, maybe you shouldn’t be voting,” Hasson continued.

West replied, “I agree” from his verified Twitter account.

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