John Hawkins: The Pretend ‘MAGA Child Bullies Native American’ Scandal Ought to Be a Wake-up Name for the Media


On Friday, the story DOMINATING Twitter was a few group of Covington Excessive College Catholic children that attended the March for Life carrying MAGA hats, then topped that off by screaming “Construct the wall” at a bunch of Native American activists.

From there, they upped the aggression degree and SURROUNDED the poor activists. Worst but was a smiling child who acquired proper within the face of an outdated man chanting and taking part in his drums. What a horrible bunch of thugs!

We all know all this as a result of the media informed us so.


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The Root: “The Subsequent Technology of MAGA Hat-Carrying Bigots Besiege Indigenous Peoples March.”

CNN: “Teenagers in Make America Nice Once more hats mocked a Native American elder on the Lincoln Memorial.”

There are dozens and dozens of examples like this, however they did share some commonalities.

To begin with, they have been solely primarily based on a non-definitive video that confirmed a highschool scholar standing there smiling whereas a Native American man beat a drum in his face, along with the feedback of the liberal activists.

The media made no try by any means to search out out what occurred from the highschool children as a result of, nicely, MAGA hats means they’re the dangerous guys, proper?

After all, liberal activists would by no means deceive make themselves look good or children in MAGA hats look dangerous, proper? They’re 100% reliable sources?

Apparently, the mainstream media thinks so.

After all, a few of us have been a little bit skeptical from the get-go.

Hey, didn’t the mainstream media used to try this? Truly wait to search out out the details and report them somewhat than simply pushing a story? Possibly, however that’s definitely not what it does any extra.

In lower than 24 hours, this complete narrative has been annihilated by details that mainstream media retailers may have simply discovered ifthey had made any effort to be truthful by any means.

For instance, it was the Native American group which approached the scholars, not vice-versa.

Furthermore, it was the Native American who was supposedly bullied, Nathan Phillips who walked fairly aways to get into the scholar’s face, not vice-versa.

Moreover, there have been claims that the scholars have been yelling “Construct the wall.” That has not been on any tape I’ve heard. Nevertheless, this has.

Additionally, this will likely come as a shock to the mainstream media, however there truly are two sides to the story — and the facet informed by the scholars truly has the advantage of being supported by the details.

If you wish to know the way the mainstream media, which is supposedly non-partisan and overrun with truth checkers, ended up posting 100% faux information a few bunch of a highschool college students who’ve been doxed and threatened with expulsion by their faculty consequently, it’s straightforward to grasp.

The mainstream media was about details, however now it’s in regards to the NARRATIVE. The NARRATIVE is what helps the liberal trigger or hurts the conservative trigger.

Oh, there’s some type of confrontation between white, MAGA hat-wearing Catholic children and a Native American? The NARRATIVE says the youngsters are the dangerous guys, in all probability racist and that we must always hate their guts. Hopefully, there are details that help that, however the details are secondary to the NARRATIVE.

This identical script will get performed out endlessly within the media. We see it in police shootings, politics and just about each battle of any type between a conservative and a liberal. The liberal facet will get the idea of innocence, the advantage of the doubt and the story slanted in its favor at each alternative whereas the opposite facet is handled as responsible till confirmed harmless.

We hear lots of people within the mainstream media speaking about being watchdogs, ideas and “freedom of the press,” however that’s large speak for individuals who largely peddle propaganda masquerading as information. When the mainstream media offers up the NARRATIVE and begins specializing in reporting details first, then it’ll begin to deserve some respect.

John Hawkins is the founding father of Proper Wing Information, the writer of “101 Issues All Younger Adults Ought to Know” and runs a males’s web site referred to as Brass Drugs.

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