Harry Potter: 20 Bizarre Issues The Malfoys Did After Deathly Hallows


The Malfoys are a rich and wonderfully smug pure-blood household. They’re the foils to the primary heroes, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who hail from extra humble backgrounds. There’s additionally the little proven fact that the Malfoys have been large supporters of the fiendish and highly effective wizard Lord Voldemort. As Voldemort slowly regained his energy all through the collection, so too did the Malfoys turn out to be extra severe threats to our heroes and the Wizarding World.

Nonetheless, the tip of the ultimate novel, Deathly Hallows, left the Malfoys in an odd place. Certain, they may not be thought-about heroes within the conventional sense, however the psychological mistreatment Voldemort inflicted upon them within the final two Potter novels meant that the Malfoys have been captives greater than anything. And if not for Narcissa Malfoy’s unconditional love for her son, Draco, Harry Potter would most likely not have succeeded in bringing down Voldemort for good. However, it’s plain that the Malfoys have been pushed purely by self-interest till the tip. With the specter of Voldemort’s wrath not hanging over their well-groomed platinum blond heads following Deathly Hallows, they may’ve renounced their outdated methods or slithered again into the shadows to plot extra sinister deeds. Did Draco and Harry’s elementary mutual enmity change following the comparatively completely satisfied ending of Deathly Hallows, particularly contemplating that Harry saved Draco’s life? Did Draco handle to go away behind the contaminated Malfoy and turn out to be his personal man? And the way did they handle to keep away from Azkaban?

Listed below are 20 Bizarre Issues The Malfoys Did After Deathly Hallows.

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20 They Managed To Keep away from Azkaban After The Battle of Hogwarts

As followers know, the Battle of Hogwarts was the thrilling climax to Deathly Hallows. It was a protracted scene of magical warfare between Voldemort, his followers, the Dying Eaters, Harry Potter, and the scholars and lecturers of Hogwarts. Naturally, the great received out in the long run because of Harry defeating Voldemort with the remaining Dying Eaters fleeing the college.

With the Malfoys reluctantly being part of the Dying Eaters, with even Draco and his flunkies being energetic members through the battle, simply how did they handle to keep away from imprisonment in Azkaban? It’s true that Narcissa and Draco have been extra harmless than Malfoy patriarch Lucius, nonetheless, Lucius managed to keep away from sentencing by naming names and offering data to the Ministry of Magic on the whereabouts of the surviving Dying Eaters.

19 Draco Married A Pure-Blood Witch

Many of the primary characters have been paired up and, maybe somewhat too predictably, remained fortunately married even a few years after Deathly Hallows: Hermione married Ron and Harry married Ginny. Nonetheless, Draco Malfoy married pure-blood witch Astoria Greengrass. We by no means acquired a glimpse of Astoria all through the primary collection, however she was within the background someplace as a Hogwarts scholar solely a few years under Draco.

Though Astoria Greengrass is just not current all that a lot through the occasions of The Cursed Baby, set a long time after Deathly Hallows, it’s apparent that this marriage had a profoundly constructive influence on his character and common temperament. It’s a wedding that ought to actually be explored someplace down the road because it marks a constructive turning level for a personality who heretofore had solely been an unsavory antagonist.

18 Draco Had A Tense Relationship with His Household

With Narcissa Malfoy’s love for her son being her solely redeeming trait, and with Draco’s fixed mutterings of: “My father will hear about this,” it’s apparent that, for all their quite a few flaws, the Malfoys have been a really shut household all through the Harry Potter collection.

Amusingly, their familial bonds weakened when Draco married Astoria Greengrass. Whereas she was a pure-blood witch, and positively a mate with the suitable genes for a Malfoy, her views on Muggles and Muggle-borns made the elder Malfoys terribly uncomfortable, particularly throughout household dinners. Even those that aren’t specific magical partisans within the Wizarding World are inclined to harbor some opinion in opposition to Muggles and usually regard them with condescension. On this manner, Astoria is a singular individual. Consequently, Lucius and Narcissa didn’t think about Draco’s life.

17 Draco and Astoria Had A Baby

Draco and Astoria named their youngster the faintly sinister-sounding Scorpius. Very like Draco and Lucius, he had blonde hair, grey eyes, and a pointed noise. In contrast to Draco, although, and probably Lucius too, Scorpius led considerably of a tragic life previous to his first 12 months at Hogwarts; he was remoted in Malfoy Manor and had no interactions with youngsters his personal age, leaving him socially ill-equipped. He spent a lot of his childhood studying in regards to the historical past of the Wizarding World and studying a lot about Harry Potter and his half within the Second Wizarding Warfare.

Additionally in contrast to Draco and Lucius, Scorpius wasn’t raised to harbor the identical views towards Muggles and Muggle-borns. He grew as much as be uncomfortable in social conditions, however in any other case, had a eager emotional intelligence that even the golden trio of Ron, Harry, and Hermione lacked.

16 Draco Turned A Widower

Astoria’s life was doomed to be minimize quick earlier than she was even born. Astoria’s ancestors have been stricken with a blood curse for unknown causes, which meant that Astoria would inherit a frail physique. It’s a sort of wizard most cancers (do wizards even get most cancers in Harry Potter?).

Astoria knew she wasn’t going to stay lengthy on this planet and didn’t need her husband Draco to be left alone. This was an enormous motivation for them to conceive Scorpius. Nonetheless, in a tragic twist, the delivery of Scorpius doubtless sped up her demise. Throughout her son’s third 12 months at Hogwarts, Astoria handed away, leaving Draco and Scorpius heartbroken. For his half, Draco by no means remarried or confirmed any curiosity in one other potential mate. He poured all of his energies into elevating Scorpius proper.

15 Draco Proved to Be A Extra Secure Father Than Harry

This one may sound somewhat unfair. In any case, Harry didn’t love his son, Albus, any lower than Draco liked Scorpius. However, Harry struggled mightily with Albus in ways in which Draco by no means did with Scorpius.

Albus Potter, Harry’s center youngster, and seemingly unable to get out of his father’s shadow, usually clashed together with his father. Harry, in a single stunning occasion of poor impulse management, informed Albus throughout one in every of their many fights that he generally wished Albus wasn’t his boy. And whereas Draco is all for the Malfoy/Potter friendship that Albus and Scorpius have happening, Harry is hesitant and tells Albus he isn’t to hold round Scorpius anymore, who at this level, is Albus’ solely pal. This can be a transfer that causes Draco to conflict with Harry once more, solely this time, righteousness is on Draco’s facet.

14 Draco and Harry’s Reconciliation

Followers can agree that Harry Potter and the Cursed Baby missed the mark in additional methods than one. However, one storytelling selection that enriched the mythos was Harry and Draco transferring previous their feud. In some ways, The Cursed Baby was the story of Draco Malfoy’s redemption; the redemption by the great child he raised and thru merely being a kinder individual.

For instance, when Draco and Harry are compelled to work collectively to seek out their lacking sons, Draco gives Harry some good recommendation, urging him to make up with Albus earlier than it’s too late. Needless to say he actually good points nothing from giving his former arch-nemesis some recommendation, it merely struck him because the respectable factor to do. The person has come a good distance since sneering at everybody he thought-about beneath him.

13 Scorpius Hero-Worshipped Harry Potter

Though he was an arch-rival of his father again of their faculty days, Scorpius unabashedly hero-worshipped Harry Potter earlier than he even met his son, Albus Potter, on the Hogwarts Specific.

This isn’t completely stunning, contemplating Harry Potter turned an enormous superstar for merely surviving Voldemort as an toddler. Harry could be in all the books, lots of which Scorpius learn as a younger boy, little question, for vanquishing Voldemort for good as a 17-year-old. This additionally implies that Draco by no means spoke sick of Harry, which in and of itself, is form of outstanding, contemplating they weren’t near being pals at that time limit. Afterward, Scorpius even mentions to Albus that merely being pals with Harry Potter’s son is a tremendous factor.

12 Scorpius and Albus’ Friendship

In nearly each manner, Albus Potter was designed to be the inverse of Harry Potter; he was a Slytherin, he by no means thought-about Hogwarts to be his dwelling, and his finest and solely pal was a Malfoy.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s enduring, and generally difficult, friendship was a part of what made Harry Potter so interesting. The Cursed Baby correctly picked up and expanded on this thread, making Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter’s friendship the center of The Cursed Baby’s time-traveling shenanigans and father-issue storylines. Although Albus and Scorpius are coping with the totally different difficult legacies of their respective father’s, their solace in one another is as uncomplicated and pure because it will get. Their fraternal bond runs so deep that, considerably regrettably, it’s a uncommon factor within the realm of fantasy fiction.

11 Draco and Harry Duel Once more

The outdated enmity between Draco and Harry is reignited in The Cursed Baby, albeit briefly, when Harry implies to Draco that Scorpius may not be his son. They draw wands in Harry’s home and start firing jinxes at each other.

It’s an fascinating little rematch, regardless that it’s extra in regards to the two males expressing frustration with one another slightly than preventing in a life or demise state of affairs. They have been about evenly matched at school, regardless of Harry now being the Head of Magical Legislation Enforcement and turning into Head Auror at 26, they continue to be evenly matched in a duel. It’s a humorous little scene that finally ends up somewhat too actual when Harry simply finally ends up throwing a chair at Malfoy. Professor McGonagall could be tremendous displeased at this instance of “Muggle Dueling.”

10 Scorpius Had A Crush On Rose, Ron and Hermione’s Baby

Folks usually give Star Wars a tough time for having every little thing be so interconnected and small. Nonetheless, probably the most fiendish man within the galaxy being the daddy of the hero, and Leia being revealed to be Luke’s lengthy misplaced sister has nothing on the interconnectedness of J.Ok. Rowling’s Wizarding World publish Deathly Hallows. It stretches credulity to say the least, even in a world of magic.

For example, Draco’s son Scorpius harbors a crush on Ron and Hermione’s youngster, Rose Weasley, whereas additionally being finest pals with Albus Potter, Harry and Ginny’s center youngster. This example is somewhat too cute for its personal good, although The Cursed Baby was smart sufficient to not pair them up, with Rose Weasley hilariously relating to the keen Scorpius with disinterest.

9 The Cause For Scorpius’ Outcast Standing

When Scorpius Malfoy first attends Hogwarts, he’s mistreated and shunned for a really unusual motive. Rumors could be depraved and unfaithful, however nothing appears extra harsh than saying Draco Malfoy used the time-turner in order that Voldemort may impregnate his spouse Astoria. It’s a laughable assumption. For one, Scorpius is the spitting picture of Draco, and secondly, why would Voldemort ever consent to such a factor? Is he even succesful? Does he have the required, um… tools? (That exact query is definitely answered within the climax, a lot to the consternation of many Potter followers).

It’s an efficient plot machine to get the reader/viewers to sympathize with Scorpius in a short time, however the logic of it’s so pretzel-shaped and odd that it makes it tough to take The Cursed Baby critically as a Harry Potter sequel.

8 Draco Nonetheless Lives In Malfoy Manor

The Malfoy Manor served as Lord Voldemort’s headquarters through the Second Wizarding Warfare. Though it was undoubtedly a cheerful dwelling to develop up in, who wouldn’t like to be raised in a mansion?, however it was the positioning for an infinite parade of tough experiences for Draco in his seventh 12 months at Hogwarts as he was being compelled to observe one in every of his Hogwarts lecturers get Avada Kedavra’d after which eliminated by a big snake.

With Draco making extra strides away from his household, it wouldn’t be stunning if he by no means made visits to the outdated manor once more. And but, oddly sufficient, he opted to stay there properly into his maturity with Astoria and Scorpius.

7 Draco Collects Darkish Artifacts

It’s true that as an grownup, Draco doesn’t harbor the identical views his household did and proved to be a a lot better man and father than Lucius ever was, however there was nonetheless a couple of nefarious elements to Draco’s character.

Other than dwelling in Malfoy Manor, Draco has saved up the household custom of amassing Darkish Magic artifacts. The artifacts in Harry Potter are unquestionably harmful and may solely be used to inflict ache. Examples embrace Voldemort’s Horcruxes, the Crushing Cupboard from Borgin and Burkes, and Umbridge’s Quill. Why Draco continues to gather objects like these is rarely answered, however it does add some vital mystique and is a tantalizing trace that the Malfoy trait isn’t out of the person utterly.

6 Draco Felt Bizarre That Harry Saved His Life

In The Cursed Baby, Draco had no drawback with healthily confronting or generally chumming round in a rival-like manner with Harry Potter. Equally, Harry Potter had no beef with Draco and handled him with a level of cordiality of their interactions.

However between Deathly Hallows and The Cursed Baby, how they associated to at least one one other was bizarre certainly. Though they have been nowhere close to being pals, contemplating their historical past collectively, they may not be so bitter to at least one one other after they saved one another’s lives in Deathly Hallows. A curt nod of acknowledgement was all that might be summoned within the Deathly Hallows. It was an important stepping stone for Harry and Draco to place apart their troubled historical past and turn out to be the mature fathers who would save their sons in The Cursed Baby. 

5 Draco By no means Received A Job

The Malfoys have generational wealth and never a lot of a necessity for conventional jobs. Nicely, Lucius Malfoy had a sort of “job” as a governor on the college board (i.e. an influencer with the cash to again it up) and was mentioned to have given “very beneficiant donations” as regards to Minister Fudge’s regime. His job appeared to have been to sow seeds of corruption.

However, Draco Malfoy isn’t completely immune to the Malfoy legacy; he likes the cash and the flowery homes properly sufficient and helps his circle of relatives by these means. Nonetheless, simply because he doesn’t have a job doesn’t imply Draco doesn’t have his ambitions (he’s a Slytherin in spite of everything). Along with amassing Darkish Magic artifacts, he does pursue a number of hobbies that will trace at one thing essential.

4 Lucius Invented A New Time-Turner

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione Granger used an object referred to as a time-turner that allowed her to satisfy her overstuffed faculty timetable. The foundations of time journey weren’t explored in an excessive amount of element, however the penalties of messing with time irresponsibly have been harmful, and the time-turners may solely be used to return in time by 5 hours.

With the remaining inventory of time-turners smashed through the Battle on the Division of Mysteries, it appeared like J.Ok. Rowling had put a cap on the time-traveling shenanigans. For anybody who is aware of even a cursory truth about The Cursed Baby, you understand that point touring performs a significant position within the plot. And in reality, Lucius Malfoy, in true Malfoy style, was revealed to have created a gold-plated time-turner that might return years in time.

3 Draco Studied Alchemy Intensely

Draco Malfoy was at all times a proficient wizard. In class, he proved notably adept within the artwork of potions, dueling, and even Occlumency: the artwork of defending your thoughts from thoughts readers, which is a talent many grownup wizards have problem mastering. He often gave Harry a run for his cash as regards to one-on-one battles, too.

Put up Hogwarts, Draco’s examine solely intensified. Removed from slacking off and having fun with the Malfoy cash, Draco took to learning the artwork of alchemy. Nonetheless, in accordance with J.Ok. Rowling, his examine of alchemy has much less to do with attaining energy for himself and is extra about “a want to turn out to be a greater man.” What this implies isn’t precisely clear, however except for Nicolas Flamel, alchemy is likely one of the few unexplored areas of magic within the Harry Potter collection. 

2 Draco Turned Enormously Proficient In Transfiguration

The kind of magic that alters the type of objects or creatures, Transfiguration, is extra scientific than different types of magic; it takes exhausting work and a eager thoughts. Many passages within the earlier Harry Potter books have been dedicated to Harry and Ron being unable to carry out a Transfiguration spell, whereas Hermione would often determine it out by the third go.

However, it’s clear that within the years after Deathly Hallows, Draco turned proficient on this department of magic. On the climax of The Cursed Baby, with a sophisticated plot involving Harry Potter having to disguise himself as Lord Voldemort, Draco proves very helpful by transfiguring Harry into an inexpensive illustration of the Darkish Lord himself. Contemplating Voldemort’s inhuman options, that is a powerful feat of magic certainly.

1 Draco Admitted to Being Jealous of The Golden Trio’s Friendship

In one of many situations of Malfoy proving his uncharacteristic maturity, he professes his envy at Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s enduring friendship.

It is not stunning, contemplating Draco had a pal in two personality-free dolts, Crabbe and Goyle. He explicitly says to Harry: “You, the three of you, you shone, you understand? You favored one another. You had enjoyable. I envied these friendships greater than anything.” It’s a worthy little bit of character improvement and it saved with the continuity in methods different elements of The Cursed Baby didn’t. If Draco’s arc in Deathly Hallows hammered any level dwelling, it was that having “followers” like Crabbe and Goyle was a pitiable substitute for friendship; contemplating his followers almost had him eradicated and it was the three pals who saved his life.

Are there another info in regards to the Malfoys publish Deathly Hallows that we missed? Remark and tell us!


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