Gay penguins set to raise their first chick


A gay penguin couple has started a family after it was decided to let them have an egg to nurture.

Sphen and Magic have become so inseparable they have been allowed to start a nest with each other at Sea Life, in Sydney, Australia.

The same-sex couple — collectively known as “Sphengic” — began forging an intense relationship with each other just before breeding season got underway.

The Gento penguins could be seen waddling in tandem and swimming alongside one another and were so close it was decided to let them adopt an egg.

But before this, they were given prenatal classes. The flightless birds were given a dummy egg to allow them to practice incubating and develop their parenting skills.

And by all accounts, they seem to be taking to the task like a penguin does to water.

It appears that the pair are naturals, although the older and more mature Sphen is more focused on incubating while Magic has taken on the task of warding off other birds who try to steal the pebbles which make up their nest.

Last month a gay penguin couple in Denmark “kidnapped” a baby while its parents waddled off for a swim, a zookeeper claimed.

The drama apparently unfolded when the chick’s mom and dad were having their daily swim.

Animal keeper Sandie Hedegård Munck told Danish broadcaster DR the male penguin couple at Odense Zoo have been desperate to become parents.

So, she claims, when they saw the chick being “neglected” by its parents, they decided to intervene and snatch it in hope of adopting it.

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