Bob Ehrlich: The Deplorables vs. the Progressives – Whose Model of America Will Win?


Barack Obama was a grasp at it — however in restricted circumstances. Alas, it was the pre-Trump period, seemingly gentle years in the past to activists on the uber-left. In the present day it’s utilized on a extra common foundation, each time the most recent progressive full court docket press in opposition to accepted social norms is on the receiving finish of cultural push again.

I refer, after all, to the “that’s not us” mantra. You’ve gotten turn into conversant in the context. Progressives advocate on behalf of the most recent and best social justice trigger: sanctuary cities — no border “partitions” — voting rights for unlawful aliens — elimination of ICE — “free” school tuition — “free” well being care — reparations — “trans” something — court docket packing — and no matter is the subsequent frontier recognized as requiring change of societal attitudes.

But when the dedicated opposition solutions, the response is immediately seen as illegitimate and instantly remodeled into indictments of “white privilege” — “poisonous masculinity” — “white nationalism.”

The ensuing cultural battle strains couldn’t be extra clear. All the socially abhorrent beliefs of Trump’s irredeemable deplorables on one facet aligned in opposition to a brand new progressive program and worth system on the opposite.

On this battle, the Trump of us and their Neanderthal attitudes are assured to fall woefully brief. In any case, what they signify is definitely “not us.” CNN simply instructed me so!

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The rhetoric is highly effective. “Not us” is an emotional attraction to the good American traditions of tolerance, pluralism, freedom – the melting pot at its perfect.

Now, a few of chances are you’ll be confused at this level as a result of progressivism hardly celebrates America and its grand traditions as of late. It extra sometimes seeks to degrade the American expertise as an train in grasping materialism/harmful nativism to the detriment of indigenous peoples and different minorities. Right here, Columbus Day is condemned, not celebrated.

In the present day, “not us” is trotted out so often as a result of it defines a whole opposition in a single fell swoop. However a query arises: is “not us” a rhetorical assemble or a heartfelt perception? The reply, after all, will depend on the person. There are these cynics who search to make the most of the phrase to their political benefit, however it’s the true believers who current a extra long-term drawback.

For this starry-eyed group, the world must be circled: what is illegitimate needs to be authorized, what’s unconventional needs to be standard, what’s unconstitutional needs to be constitutional — no matter is at odds with conventional values should be acknowledged, honored and accepted — whereas every little thing that matches into the “not us” paradigm should be demonized, refused and extinguished.

This latter level is especially true with respect to the president, the place even disproven costs lodged in opposition to Donald Trump are ignored to ensure that new costs to be posited — and rapidly transmitted across the swamp.

In actual life, this method means freedom of speech should be curtailed in an effort to obtain an offense-less dialogue, respect for spiritual freedom should be made secondary to the rising sexual mores of the second; conventional notions of citizenship and nationwide sovereignty should give up to borderless nation-states, and self-identified victims (as a operate of race, intercourse, ethnicity, sexual orientation and id) should be awarded particular standing — even reparations in some instances.

Now, that is clearly not the America these of us of a sure age had been inspired to have a good time. Certainly, we’ve been taught to cherish (even love) our values regardless of the very fact our forbearers had been imperfect human beings.

Observe that this was by no means a serious impediment for many of our historical past. People might distinguish between love of nation on the one hand and acknowledgment of our sins (slavery, discrimination) on the opposite, even sins by principals, the Founding Fathers. Nonetheless, the brand new progressive theology rejects acknowledgment of the latter.

Moderately, it sees the errors of our Founders as rendering the American expertise illegitimate — as nothing greater than a falsely marketed, delusory failure — with a mess of victims besides.

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Per this revisionist faculty of thought, it took the higher a part of 240 years for our residents to know that our America — Ronald Reagan’s shining metropolis on a hill — is however a merciless hoax. Accordingly, the glorification of wealth, capitalism, upward mobility, free speech, dissent, privateness, assimilation, nationwide sovereignty, American exceptionalism and Western civilization itself should be rejected as “not us.” Who would have thunk?

Thankfully, this revisionist travesty won’t be a simple promote between the coasts. The social contract between our nation and its residents just isn’t so simply torn asunder, the maladies of victimhood and id politics however. Be grateful for small favors.

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