‘Arrested Improvement’ Season 5 Ending Defined: Who Was within the Cement Wall? [PHOTOS]



Season 5 ends with a brand new thriller. Within the closing “after credit” scene, the determine caught in cement is launched. A determine in a masks tumbles out, and many individuals are questioning if that was Lucille 2. Is it? We’ve gathered the hints that reveal the reality.

The determine that fell out of the cement had Gob’s masks on. Everybody thought it will be a model that Buster, Gob’s assistant, planted to change with Gob. In truth, even Gob stated that everybody knew it was a model that Buster had planted there.

Listed below are pictures and closeups of the determine that fell out of the cement wall:



However once they launched the “model” from the cement, they realized it was an actual particular person. And so Gob takes the masks off.

“Does Buster’s model seem like…”

George Sr. interrupts Lindsay and says: “Judy Garland.”

That is the large clue we’ve got that this is Lucille Austero aka Lucille 2. Why? Liza Manelli performs Lucille 2. In actual life, Liza Minnelli is the daughter of Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli. So in fact, Liza Minnelli’s character, Lucille 2, would seem like Judy Garland.

Lindsay notices that the lifeless physique is smiling and a police officer says, “That is the happiest corpse I’ve ever seen.”

That’s truly one other trace about who we’re seeing. The road is from Cabaret:

The day she died the neighbors
Got here to snicker:
‘Nicely, that’s what comes
From an excessive amount of capsules and liquor.’
However once I noticed her laid out like a Queen,
She was the happiest… corpse…
I’d ever seen.

And guess who starred in Cabaret? Sure, Liza Minelli. Right here she is, singing the track with the road. (The road comes round 1:50 within the video.)

Let’s evaluate how Lucille appeared the final night time we noticed her to the determine within the wall:


Lucille’s final night time:


It actually doesn’t go away a lot doubt. Until it is a massive pink herring (which the present has certainly been identified to throw at us), we’re Lucille Austero aka Lucille 2.

After which this occurs:

Buster says, “OK, I did it… However doesn’t she remind you of Mother?”

This would possibly hearken again to Season 1, when Buster by accident flirted with Lucille 2 when he didn’t have his glasses on.

However is Buster admitting that he killed Lucille and switched her physique for Gob in the course of the magic act, hoping she wouldn’t be discovered?

It’s not identified for sure, nevertheless it definitely seems that manner. Buster was in opposition to releasing the model from the wall within the first place, and possibly it’s as a result of he knew his secret would get out.

Possibly Gob’s testimony was just a little extra on level that we thought. Is Buster conniving and simply pretending to not be?

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