An inside look into a father-daughter purity ball


Inside A Purity Ball


An inside look into a father-daughter purity ball

The Purity Movement teaches young people to abstain from all sexual activity before getting married. Hannah Lee Powers and her father allowed cameras to follow them as they prepared for, and then attended, her purity ball. During the event, father and daughter sign an abstinence contract after receiving symbolic gifts to represent her sexual purity.

Kid Rescued From Window


2-year-old dangles by his head out of a window

Where’s Spider-man when you need him? A mischievous 2-year-old attempted to climb out a three-story window in Zhuhai, China, and got himself stuck by his head through the security bars. Watch the incredible rescue by bystander Su Tianwang, who scaled the apartment wall with his bare hands.

Police Force Nike Shirts in Mugshots


Sheriff accused of forcing arrestees to wear Nike shirts in their mugshots

The sheriff’s office in Union County, Arkansas, was accused of forcing people arrested by his office to wear Nike shirts in their mugshots. Activist Shaun King called it “disgusting,” alleging the stunt was to mock the athletic brand and Colin Kaepernick. “It is not our intent, nor has it ever been our intent, to demean or disparage those who are innocent until proven guilty,” Sheriff Ricky Roberts wrote in a statement after the photos were removed.

Prank Goes Wrong With Mom


Kid tries to scare his mom and gets punched in the face

Tylen Ellis and his mom, Tashila Alexander, were at a Walmart in Chickasha, Oklahoma, when the boy found a giant mask. He decided it was the perfect opportunity to sneak up on her as a prank. Unfortunately, she had faster reflexes than he realized, and instinctively struck him in the face.

Wife Busts Mistress On Bus


Bus driver’s wife explodes when she catches mistress riding on his lap

Passengers were shocked when a woman stormed onto a bus in the Philippines and started yelling at the driver and the woman sitting on his lap. Apparently, the furious woman was his wife and the other rider was his mistress.

Baby who weighs 55 pounds can’t stop eating


Baby who weighs 55 pounds can’t stop eating

This 1-year-old girl in India weighs 55 pounds. Chahat Kumar suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder, leptin deficiency disease, that keeps her perpetually hungry. She is one of 51 cases in the world with early onset obesity from this condition.

Politician Steals Mic From Opponent


‘Nervous’ candidate violently rips mic from opponent’s hands

A debate between two candidates running for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives briefly went off the rails when one of the participants got a little too aggressive. Incumbent Rep. Duane Quam ripped the microphone out of Jamie Mahlberg’s hands in order to offer a rebuttal to a question about education funding. He later told a local newspaper that his behavior was inappropriate and was caused by nerves.

Meteorologist Brings Her Baby To Work


Baby on board for this weather forecast

It was a good weather report for once. Meteorologist Susie Martin went viral after delivering the national forecast for Praedictix with her sleepy son strapped to her back. This was the second year in a row Martin performed the stunt for International Babywearing Week.
Peter Jacksons WWI Documentary


New WWI documentary gives voices to once-silent soldiers

This is World War I in startlingly full color and sound. Peter Jackson — the director of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” films — brings his moviemaking magic to archival footage from the Great War. The special effects in the doc, “They Shall Not Grow Old,” include adding color to black-and-white film and using forensic lipreaders to guess what the soldiers might have been saying.

Man Fires Gun At Police


Man shot dead after firing at police following car crash

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has determined that police officers were justified in the killing of 38-year-old Douglas Heath in August 2018. Authorities had attempted to apprehend the suspect, who had three open warrants in his name, when he led them on a high-speed chase. Newly released footage shows Heath exiting his car after crashing, and opening fire on the officers before being killed.

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